This announcement is a little late in being made, but we’ve been really busy these last few weeks.  However, in the time  since hiring our Director of Photography and getting our first four days of shooting in the can, I’ve had the opportunity to not only work with our new DP, but learn from him as well.  With that being said, I am tickled beyond belief at announcing that Christian Clark is our Director of Photography on The Dragon Wall.

Christian is a very experienced movie maker, director of photography, producer, and artist in his own right, and he has graciously agreed to work with Brandon and me on our film.  Dudes, he has totally upped the ante on this little film in a big way, but Sssshhhh, I don’t want him to know that, you know what I’m sayin’?

If you live in Vermont and have ever seen Rusty Dewees (“This is my Sunday One,” just kills me every time!) in a Ford commercial, then you’ve seen Christian’s work.  But, let me tell you, that ain’t nothin’.  Check out his website and his reel here on his website.

We’re filming our little movie in HD, using a Canon 5d, a SLR digital camera with video recording capabilities.  The camera is amazing.  I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical of using an SLR camera to make our movie, but the clarity and quality from this camera is mind blowing.  Add to it the fact that you can exchange the lenses like any other SLR or 35mm camera and it becomes a very nifty camera to work with.

Brandon and his dad built a killer camera jib (JIB!).  We’ve also got an axis dolly on set that Brandon and I built a short track to run on.  These “homemade” pieces of equipment have raised the production value of our film, and in the hands of Christian, we are getting footage that looks like it’s right out of a professional summer blockbuster.  All of this is totally new to me, but I’m having so much fun – not only learning about all the gear – but trying to build or acquire all of these movie making components as inexpensively as possible.  It’s not being cheap people, it’s resourceful!

What this all sugars down to is that by hiring Christian and making sure we have the other camera gear on set is that we significantly increase the quality of our shots and film.  The jib alone has allowed us to make very pro shots for our film.  Add the dolly and we’ve moved well beyond a simple little indie film.  Add to that the Canon 5d and the quality of picture it takes.  Add to that the experience, eye, and talent of our DP and we’ve raised the bar, yet again, this dream of making our movie.

The bar has been raised pretty high now on this little project, but we set out to make the best picture possible, and that’s what we’re doing.



About thedragonwall

The Dragon is a independent short film being filmed in Northern Vermont.
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