Auditions, Call Backs, and finally…Our Cast.

Okay, I feel like I’ve been outta touch with you folks for over a year, and in reality, it’s only be a few days since my last post.

But, what a couple weeks we’ve had!  I’m guessing in film-making-time a couple weeks is equivalent to a year or more.

A couple weeks back we had our third Open Casting Call audition and got our biggest turn out yet.  It was fantastic!  Our first two audition days were held at River Arts (THANK YOU RA!) in Morrisville, Vermont.  River Arts generously donated their space for our auditions and time in getting the word out about our search for local actors to star in our film.  Their space is beautiful and added so much to our whole experience. And, the first two days were tremendous, more than either Brandon and I would have hoped for.  Our third audition day was held at the Lanpher Memorial Library (THANK YOU LANPHER!) in the village of Hyde Park.  Again, a beautiful venue to have our auditions. And, to be fair, I think both Brandon and I were expecting a low turn on this last day.  I, at least, figured anyone interested in auditioning would have come those first couple days, right?

Man, was I wrong.  It was by far the largest turn out of the three days.  And, again, we had some amazing talent turn out to audition.  I truly appreciate all the folks who came out and auditioned for our film.

We scheduled our call backs on that same third audition day, expecting it to be slow, for the end of the day.  We had a fair number of folks we asked back to not only give us a second look at their acting, but to match them up with other, potential, cast mates.  To not only see how everyone looked together, but to see if anyone had any immediate chemistry. I’ve talked before about how storyboarding had been my favorite part of this movie making process so far, but after working with these actors during call backs, I have to say I have a new favorite.

It was…energizing, in a word to work with these actors, running them through the scenes.  I had so much fun playing “director”, and the kids (and adults) were tremendous in taking direction and giving us their best.

It was a wonderful experience. And, the funny thing is, we’re not done yet.  We’ve got rehearsals from now until shooting begins on September 25th.  Yeah, you read that right, not even 2 weeks away.  Less than two weeks!

Oh, man, I shouldn’t have let Brandon read this last paragraph.  All right, I gotta run and talk him down from the roof now, but without further ado, ladies and gentle-blog-readers, our cast!

Starring as:

Noah: Callum Adams from Stowe!

Jonah: Sam Wright from Wolcott!

Seth: Jacob Cann from Jericho!

Caleb: Jack Manning from Hyde Park!

and appearing as the Sage: Keefe Healy from Cambridge!



About thedragonwall

The Dragon is a independent short film being filmed in Northern Vermont.
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