Building the Wall

This past week has been an amazing experience.  We have selected our five actors and will be announcing them shortly!  We have continued to interview for our Director of Photography and have finally made a decision for that position as well.  Announcements are forthcoming!

But, that’s not all the excitement we’ve had.  We received our first donations this week!  As I mentioned earlier in this blog, we are attempting to make this film on as low a budget as possible, but we are also trying to make the highest quality film possible.  Thus far, we’ve been hugely successful in acquiring top of the line equipment and gear to shoot our film free of charge through Vcam of Burlington, Vermont, amazingly talented actors to play the roles, volunteers to donate food for meals during shooting, and crew members donating their time and expertise.  Our make up and hair is to be done pro-bono by Hair Creations in Morrisville, Vermont.  Nancy and Greg Perry have also been so kind to donate the use of their RV as our dressing and make up rooms.

However, there are expenses.  One that we would really like to make, is in hiring that professional Director of Photography I mentioned above, and the funds donated this past week go towards that hiring.  But, we’re not completely there yet.  It would be nice to secure the full amount before filming starts in just 2 weeks!  Once we finish shooting we’ll also need to add a score to the film.  A good composer costs money.  See?  Things add up.

And, to be honest, other expenses are beginning to pop up too.  None of them overly costly, but things add up.  A little here, and a little there, and the cost of the film could become prohibitive.  Our overall goal is to submit to film fests in the New Year, all of which have submission fees.  Ranging anywhere from $15 to $100 depending on the festival, not to mention travel costs should we make it into, say, Sundance.  In Utah.  I’ve already told Brandon I’ve made the cardboard signs for us to hold up on the roadside.  He wasn’t too impressed.  But, I’ll walk if need be to show this film.

And, we’re not letting it deter us from our goal on making one damn good movie.  We’ll find a way, I have no doubt.  We’ve come this far in less than three months, we’ll find the funding to finish this movie right, and get ourselves to the festivals.  Because, I have no doubt this little film has the potential to show the world what not only a couple of guys from Vermont can do, but what our community here in the Green Mountains can accomplish when they come together.

This, however, would be the perfect time to show your support for this little film that could.  Just like the costs, a lot of small donations add up.  Even a $1 from everyone who reads this blog would be enough to allow us to hire our DP.  Five dollars from everyone would give us enough to cover the rest of the costs of production.  Should I dare to dream, and imagine $10 from everyone, and we’d be looking at enough (potentially) to help us cover the cost of scoring the film.

It’s funny, the funding of the film is a lot like building a stone wall.  Sure, some really big stones (donations) help out tremendously, but lots of little stones can add up to weigh just as much.  A small pebble fits right between two larger stones and can stabilize the whole wall.  Wouldn’t it be cool if the $1 you donated was that pebble that made this whole project possible.  Please consider giving a $1 today, put another stone in place, and help Build the Wall.


About thedragonwall

The Dragon is a independent short film being filmed in Northern Vermont.
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