Auditons, Part Deux.

We held our second day of auditions this past week.  For those few of you actually reading this blog, you might remember a blatantly unveiled challenge to all those interested in auditioning, but who hadn’t yet.  I masterfully elicited a challenge to anyone interested in coming to this next to last open audition.  As I wrote the blog last time I could have sworn I heard crickets chirping, an appropriate sound effect I thought considering the number of folks I thought might respond to the dare.  I hoped I might inspire a few people to come out and show us that all of the talent hadn’t come on that first day.

And, you know what?  They came.  Geezum Crow, did they come.  Proving that there was still an awful lot of folks who can act just waiting to show their stuff.

As I’ve stated before I was really impressed and excited about our turn out for the first day of auditions.  In a sense, I expected the second day to be a little slower – thinking most folks who were really excited about auditioning would come the first day, but hoped we’d see the same caliber of talent, but just in a smaller turn out.  Well, we weren’t any slower, and man, did they bring the talent.

We saw another great group of actors on the second day of auditions. I think I can speak for Brandon too when I say we were really pleased with the level of acting and talent we saw on the 18th at River Arts.

And this makes me hopeful for a strong turn out on the 29th.  I’ve already heard from some folks that plan on auditioning that day and as the word about our film continues to get around I continue to receive emails regarding auditions.  Now, I’m the kind of person that likes to remain cautiously optimistic about such things, but I hope that folks who might have just heard about our little project or are returning from vacations come out on Sunday.  It would be fantastic to have an even bigger showing on the last day of auditions.

This is your last chance to throw your hat in the ring for The Dragon Wall and show Brandon and me what you can do.  How often to you get the chance to audition for a movie or be in one for that matter?  Sunday the 29th of August is your chance.  Come down to the Lanpher Library in Hyde Park and show us what kind of acting skills you have and make Brandon and me struggle even more with our decisions for the Cast of The Dragon Wall.

See you on the 29th.



About thedragonwall

The Dragon is a independent short film being filmed in Northern Vermont.
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